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5 ways that school trips can benefit students

Schools blog (1)What are your strongest memories from school? For most of us, it’s not the hours of classroom study and learning from a textbook that we look back on with fond memories – it’s the excitement of school trips. Whether it’s a day out or a week abroad, educational trips give students the chance to experience life outside the school gates (and leave their uniform at home).

From visiting museums, theatres, religious centres and historical sites to going on cultural or sports-related residentials, school trips encourage young people to learn and socialise with peers in a completely different way to within the classroom, and are often the experiences they remember most.

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Our School Trip Memories

Schools blogSchool trips are more than just a couple of days out of the classroom. They present a great opportunity for teachers and group leaders to press home important ideas and make vital curriculum or skills information stick for young people who learn kinaesthetically. They also present young people with the opportunity to experience new things, see the world in a new light and, often, to forge stronger friendships.

Here’s a challenge for all readers: find someone that can’t remember their first school or sports club trip. Here at Study and Sport Experiences, we all have vivid recollections of these hugely important events in our young lives, so much so that we have decided to share some of them with you: Continue reading

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From a Galaxy Far Far Away, to heavenly sounds in Covent Garden The Study Experiences London Team’s day out Feb 2017

Every now and again it’s useful for us to get out of the office, experience our trips and meet our school parties. It also gives us a chance to visit new attractions in London, which could make it into future itineraries. These days out, or ‘familiarisation trips’ as we call them, really help us to give our tour groups detailed information and advice about what to see, where to go and the easiest way to get there. Plus – we won’t lie – it’s great to get out of the office for the day and enjoy London.

On a rather dismal February day, we headed north-west of Study and Sport Experiences Towers, to the 02 and its new ‘Star Wars Identities’ exhibition –a geek’s delight. Our aim, as stated by the creators of the exhibition, was to ‘get to know the characters of STAR WARS™ on a whole new level’ and to learn a little about ourselves in the process. Continue reading