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Media Studies at Disneyland Paris

Disney 25th



So what is media?  In short, it’s a means of communication, and anyone living in today’s world cannot have escaped it.


The Walt Disney Company uses a huge range of media from advertising, through broadcast television and film, digital media, multimedia, news and print and social media.

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Performing Arts at Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

If you teach or attend classes in performing arts, Disneyland Paris must be one of the best places in Europe to see how studies are put into practice. Parades and shows; street theatre, nighttime AV and firework events, character meet and greets, are all part of the daily routine.

Study Experiences takes Performing Arts students one stage further, and goes behind the scenes to find out about the skills hundreds of performers need to utilise to entertain thousands of people each and every day!

Disney is an internationally recognised company at the forefront of the entertainment industry, and Disneyland Paris has given us their full support by allowing us to film behind-the-scenes interviews with show directors, choreographers, costumiers and other cast members (employees). These unique videos are exclusive to students and teachers attending our Disney-based seminars.

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“And I am Telling You … ” going to see Dream Girls is good for your heart


I can confirm that Dream Girls at the Savoy Theatre is not only breath-taking but actually good for you. Don’t just take my word for it, though, there’s actual scientific evidence. A new Study from University College London, University of Lancaster and Encore Tickets has examined the brain activity and heart rates of theatregoers enjoying Dream Girls. The 12 individuals, even though seated for their performance, were recorded as having an elevated heart rate of between 50-70%, for on average 28 minutes. This is comparable to 30 minutes of playing tennis.

There is no experience quite like live musical theatre; the acoustics, the emotion, the amazing vocals and dazzling costumes and sets. Dream Girls has ALL of this and more.

The story follows the journey of a young female singing group ‘The Dreams’ during a key time in American music history. Without offering too many spoilers, at the end of the first half, some members of the group have learnt the hard way that both show business and love can be cruel. Continue reading